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Our mission is not to race ourselves into regular dairy farm business but to nurture existing and coming generations by providing them with our traditional nutritious healthy milk.

Radhey Dairy Farm is situated at Chandgad village, near Maharashtra border. Mr. Rajnikant Modgekar and Mr. Makarand Wali founded this farm with a divine mission in their hearts in 2017. We are bonded with our Cows like family members. Our dedicated team, always takes care of our Cows with utmost compassionate way. We are focused to provide happy conditions to our Cows to produce highest quality milk by strictly following our Mission.

Our vision is to support the Make in India Campaign by delivering the divine desi A2 milk in form of boon and contribute to produce healthy India

Why A2 Milk?

Milk that we drink now-a-days is of A1 type. Now first question arises, what is A1 milk? A1 and A2 beta-casein are two type of proteins available in milk.

Desi cow (Bos Indicus) provides A2 milk containing good quality protein which boosts our digestive system and immunity. Whereas, the hybrid cows, for e.g. HF and Jersy provides A1 milk which has bad quality protein. Various research have proved that A1 milk increases risk factors for type-1 diabetes, coronary heart disease and mental disorders like autism and schizophrenia. It may also cause digestive disorders like irritable bowel syndrome or a weak gut. Just ponder why our ancestors had strong immune system.

The farm has a hydroponic setup that produces tailor-made green organic fodder. Also we use freshly grown natural grass from our farms. Surbhi milk has no chemicals used in it while processing and delivering.

Surbhi milk once extracted goes directly to the chilling machine and is chilled at 4 degrees and immediately packed and delivered in raw form to your doorstep.

Surbhi Milk

Cows are fed on Organic Fodder

Our Calf is sufficiently fed which leads to a Happy calf and Happy cow resulting in Happy milk

No hormone injections and allopathic medicines given to our Cows

Pure breed Indian Gir cows

We deliver fresh A2 milk, without any adulteration within few hours of Milking

Adopt a cow!

Kaamdhenu blessings
As per to our spiritual scripts, Gaumata is the sole place where we can find the energy of our universe. Hence Kaamdhenu was worshiped in our religion. Cow is an innocent and kind hearted living being. By taking care of such a noble being, we shall definitely stay positively blessed.

Our ancestors were so happy and healthy just because they were always surrounded by Desi Cows. Mere physical touch of Desi Cows help human being to fight against blood Pressure, various viruses and bacteria. They had the secret of healthy life – Pure milk of Desi Cow, which helped their immune system and lived a long life without dependency on complex medicines. Now we have the chance to get back those healthy days just by Adopting and promoting care of these noble beings. Remmeber! Food is medicine... Nothing can replace it!

Way of Adoption
Whenever Radhey dairy farm is blessed with a calf, we see to it, the calf is satisfactorily fed and taken care. Once they start weaning, proper diet of organic fodder and fresh grass are provided to them. Until the Calf (female or male) reaches maturity i.e. 3 years of age, the average expense is around Rs.35, 000/- per year. If you want to help us conserve the Gir Cows lineage, you can adopt any of them and bare the expense annually or bi-annually as per your convenience.

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We ensure delivery of healthy and nutritious milk to you and your family. Don't hesitate to get in touch


Sunday to Saturday: 9:00 am till 4:00 pm
Radhey Dairy Farm,
AT & PT Mouje Shirgaon, Chandgad,
Kolhapur, Maharashtra.
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+91 8496065999