About the Client:

An e-distributor that has partnered with over 2,000 brands & has 100,000+ registered retailers. Client has adopted an App-Only approach with mobile apps on platforms like Android and iOS. The app hosts over 500,000 products from 2,000+ brands across categories like Foods, Drinks, Personal Care, Auto, Mobile, Tech, Home, Fashion, Toys, Sports, Stationery and others.


The Challenge:

Being an e-commerce giant, the client received huge amount of transaction requests thus leading to enormous number of database transactions. In such case, it was essential to have a robust system which can support this quantity of transactions. The existing system had a tightly coupled architecture which led to complete system shut down for a down time of a single component in the architecture. Also, due to lack of database replication, the client faced the inadequacies of data redundancy and inconsistency.


The Solution:

DevOpsTech started with an initial consulting assessment followed by technical architecture reengineering for the existing system.
DevOpsTech revamped the entire architecture of the client which led to following improvements.

  • Database Replication (Percona XtraDB Cluster) with MySQL configuration tuned up for performance improvements
  • High Availability by implementing HAProxy as the load balancer and fault Tolerance by configuring automatic failover for HAProxy with keep alived
  • Elasticity by configuring auto-scaling in AWS
  • Implemented the database load balancer for caching and performance needs.


Values Delivered:

  • Delivered an uptime of 99.9999% by setting up high availability, fault tolerance along with scaling capabilities.
  • Leveraged DevOpsTech’s technical expertise in AWS and MySQL technologies.
  • Delivered within the provided time estimate along with documentation for further references.



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