About the Client:

Our Client is well-versed in analyzing complex business data and delivering the necessary results, based on the advanced statistical models customized to suit the unique need of customers. Through innovation, quality and commitment to ensuring results on time. Client leverage their unparalleled services and technical expertise in simplifying business data and delivering sophisticated solutions.


The Challenge:

  • Setup and configuration of JIRA service desk
  • Customer should raise ticket by triggering mail or login into the customer portal, from this mail
  • Ticket will be generated in queue and auto response mail should sent to the customer, then ticket will assign to developer as per the availability, Customer should be able to communicate with developer, Define SLA, mail response after 50%, 70%, 85% and 90% of SLA completion

Why DevOpsTech selected?

  • Expertise in Atlassian JIRA tool
  • Positive approach and confident
  • Good understanding of JIRA service desk


The Solution:

  • Configured service desk to meet client requirement DevOpsTech configured JIRA service desk in way the customer can handle request, transition issues through work-flows and contribute to clients SLAs.
  • The work-flow was setup in a way that it could define the flow of tickets as per required status DevOpsTech created a new work-flow from scratch by using a work-flow scheme with specific status for all the tickets in that project.
  • Configured mail for ticket creation and auto response DevOpsTech configured specific mail-id for incoming mails (ticket creation) and outgoing mails (auto response)
  • Configured SLA as per requirements Added automation add-on for automation rule setup and configured automation rules for mail response after 50%, 70%, 85% and 90% SLA completion


Values Delivered:

  • Configured service desk that fulfilled client requirements which provided satisfaction to client as well as their customers.
  • Delivered within the provided time estimate.

Fig. Work-flow as per client requirement

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