Best practices for Testers in CI/CD

If you’ve been working as a tester for any length of time, you can’t have failed to notice the shift towards CI/CD in many projects and organizations. Businesses, project and operations teams all want to try and take advantage of … Read More

CI/CD Automation (part II)

CI/CD automation (Part II) In CI/CD automation (Part I), we discussed about basics of CI and CD. This blog depicts the practical representation of continuous integration of micro services based projects like Docker. Therefore mentioned configuration involves continuous integration of docker … Read More

CI/CD automation ( Part I )

CI/CD automation (Part I) “Continuous Integration” What is CI? Continuous integration (CI) is a DevOps software development practice where developers regularly merge their changes into a central repository, for automated integration and test case executions. CI is a development practice that requires developers … Read More