Traditional IT Vs. DevOps

Nowadays a new buzzword “DevOps” has emerged in the market. Technologies are changing rapidly and hence companies are moving towards agility. This need of agility in Industry gave rise to “DevOps“. In traditional SDLC approaches, companies may face difficulties to … Read More

Disposable Software Demonstrations on AWS Using Terraform, Ansible, Jenkins & Slack

      The following blog portrays the process of automating software demonstrations on AWS. Before discussing the automation, it is really essential to understand the importance of a software demonstration and the need for automation of process for creation and disposing of one. Introduction … Read More

CI/CD Automation (part II)

CI/CD automation (Part II) In CI/CD automation (Part I), we discussed about basics of CI and CD. This blog depicts the practical representation of continuous integration of micro services based projects like Docker. Therefore mentioned configuration involves continuous integration of docker … Read More

Foreman: The Alternative for Puppet Enterprise

Foreman: The Alternative for Puppet Enterprise This blog will provide you a quick introduction of DevOps Automation tool, Foreman. And how Foreman uses for alternative of Puppet Enterprise Console. Foreman is complete lifecycle management tool for physical and virtual servers. What is … Read More

DevOps Automation with Python – An Overview

Python “Print ‘Hello World!!!‘ ” and you will get “Hello World!!!” this is Python. Developed by “Guido Van Rossum”, in February 1991, Python is an interpreted, interactive and simple programming language. An open source, cross-platform and object oriented programming combination … Read More