Docker – Best Practices

Docker is not too difficult to understand but there are some tips to a user that should be followed to use it more effectively. In this post, we are going to cover best practices for Docker like how to write … Read More

Docker – Better way to build

Overview Docker is a container management service. The keywords of Docker are develop, ship and run. The whole idea of Docker is for developers to easily develop applications, ship them into containers which can then be deployed anywhere. The initial … Read More

Migrating local container workload to Google Container Engine

This article assumes that user already has a Kubernetes cluster created with GKE-engine up and running. If that is not the case, the user can read Kubernetes cluster on Google Container Engine article which explains how to do so or … Read More

WordPress on a Kubernetes Cluster in AWS with EFS as the shared storage

The following blog portrays the process of deploying a simple WordPress website in a Kubernetes cluster running on AWS. What is Kubernetes : A Service for Container Cluster Management Open-Sourced by Google Used to manage Docker containers as a default … Read More

CI/CD Automation (part II)

CI/CD automation (Part II) In CI/CD automation (Part I), we discussed about basics of CI and CD. This blog depicts the practical representation of continuous integration of micro services based projects like Docker. Therefore mentioned configuration involves continuous integration of docker … Read More

Deploying a Multi Tenant App to Amazon Elastic Container Service

This blog will help a user deploy a multi tenant application to Amazon Elastic Container Service using Jenkins for automated deployment.   What is a multi tenant application model ? A multi tenant application model refers to a software architecture in … Read More