Best practices for Testers in CI/CD

If you’ve been working as a tester for any length of time, you can’t have failed to notice the shift towards CI/CD in many projects and organizations. Businesses, project and operations teams all want to try and take advantage of … Read More

Integration of various Non-Atlassian products

Atlassian provides various product for issue tracking, continuous integration and code management which come with the implementation and licensing cost. An organization has to pay a large sum for each product for integration with their products. In order to have pocket-friendly solutions, … Read More

Integration of various Atlassian products

About Atlassian: Atlassian is an enterprise software company that provides software development and collaboration tools.They have softwares for planning, tracking users projects as well as it provides a wiki software to generate and store reports about projects. It makes it easy … Read More

DevOps Automation with Python – An Overview

Python “Print ‘Hello World!!!‘ ” and you will get “Hello World!!!” this is Python. Developed by “Guido Van Rossum”, in February 1991, Python is an interpreted, interactive and simple programming language. An open source, cross-platform and object oriented programming combination … Read More