Integration of various Non-Atlassian products

Atlassian provides various product for issue tracking, continuous integration and code management which come with the implementation and licensing cost. An organization has to pay a large sum for each product for integration with their products. In order to have pocket-friendly solutions, … Read More

Disposable Software Demonstrations on AWS Using Terraform, Ansible, Jenkins & Slack

      The following blog portrays the process of automating software demonstrations on AWS. Before discussing the automation, it is really essential to understand the importance of a software demonstration and the need for automation of process for creation and disposing of one. Introduction … Read More

CI/CD Automation (part II)

CI/CD automation (Part II) In CI/CD automation (Part I), we discussed about basics of CI and CD. This blog depicts the practical representation of continuous integration of micro services based projects like Docker. Therefore mentioned configuration involves continuous integration of docker … Read More