PEP-8 : Python Enhancement Proposals-8

“Code is read more often than it is written” – Guido van Rossum While my first code review, my senior told me to enable PEP-8 and set it as error and resolve PEP-8 error in code. And then first thing … Read More

Fabric To Perform Deployment Magic

Data Flow: What is Fabric? Why We Use Fabric? How To Use Fabric? Example of how to install WordPress application and Deploy custom developed plugin What is Fabric? Fabric is a Python library and command-line tool for streamlining the use … Read More

DevOps Automation with Python – An Overview

Python “Print ‘Hello World!!!‘ ” and you will get “Hello World!!!” this is Python. Developed by “Guido Van Rossum”, in February 1991, Python is an interpreted, interactive and simple programming language. An open source, cross-platform and object oriented programming combination … Read More