Log Analytics

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Log Analytics Solution

Log Analytics is a term that you must be aware of, if your organization is planning or already using the cloud. Log Analytics is how you can collect and analyze the data that is generated by your cloud and on-premise resources. When this unstructured accumulated data gets bulky, there lies the challenge to consolidate and process it.


  • Logstash

    Collects and processes the logs coming into the system.

  • ElasticSearch

    It stores, indexes and allows for searching the logs.

  • Kibana

    Web interface for searching and analyzing logs stored by ES.



Log management

That transforms gigabytes of server access logs into astute analytics.

Analysis Your Data

Using Advanced date time analysis, zoom into and identify the root cause of the operational issues.

Use The Results

Diagnosing performance issues, detect and alleviate, these issues before your users get impacted.


Our ELK Solution enables user to monitor, accumulate, index and analyze all log data by providing you:
  • User friendly dashboard for simpler understanding

  • Higher network security

  • Handling historical web log files

  • Server segregation

  • Greater tracking competences

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