A fully managed Continuous Integration, Verification and Deployment platform that simplifies provisioning, building, testing, and deploying application on private or public cloud.

Issues in traditional ways

  • Time consuming code integration processes.

  • Manual testing could not find the impact of code integration.

  • Operational errors reduces focus on business application development.

  • With buggy code, software products run over either time or budget.

  • Limited project visibility.

  • Finding veteran technical resource is difficult.

Through Continuous Integration, Verfication and Deployment, not only we help you to improve the overall quality, but also do a lot more for your products.


  • No Vendor Locking

  • Container Approach

  • Build, Deploy and Rollback

  • Managed solution

  • Web Frontend

  • Support for existing Tools

  • Choose what works best for you .


  • Manage all tools integration from single dashboard.

  • No need to setup new infrastructure or tools. Uneefy setup tools which are missing in stack.

  • Uneefy supports top open source and proprietary tools.

  • Uneefy supports various deployment methods, also it does rollback smartly.

  • Uneefy is DR ready.

  • We provide 24x7 support with SLA.


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